What does Grey's Anatomy do with Richard Webber?


One way to tear our hearts in several ways during an episode, Gray's anatomy.

Tonight we took a break from the Gray Sloan Memorial to attend a media conference with only Teddy, Hayes, Maggie and Richard, and it was an unexpected trip for each of these people in very, very different ways. We start with the most good thing: Maggie found a very hot guy.


She was reunited with an old colleague of hers from college, and it turns out that they are literally perfect for each other and that they really like to have sex with each other. The only problem is that he lives in Boston and he has now invited her to come to Boston with him, but she is Maggie, so she has to make some spreadsheets about it first. She didn't answer him yet, but based on what happened at the end of the episode, she probably won't be going to Boston soon. But we get it.

Teddy also had an old friend, but there was an old roommate named Claire. Teddy and Claire were roommates with a woman named Allison (AKA the name of Teddy's daughter), who was officially dating Claire, but secretly fell in love with Teddy. Allison worked in the World Trade Center and was killed on September 9, and Claire and Teddy had initially not spoken since.

There was some animosity there to begin with when Claire revealed that she had checked Allison's phone records and saw the last person she called was Teddy, but in the end they were both just happy that they both loved Allison, which was nice.

Hayes ended up reliving the death of his wife, whom he once met at one of these medical conferences. She went in for a hysterectomy because of a fibroid and ended up with cancer that killed her, and Hayes happened to be a guy at the conference who was still trying to sell the same device that killed her. Somehow he not only beat up the guy, but he got very angry when the man tried to buy him a drink.


And then it is Richard, who would present his PATH pen to some of the world's best medical experts. But as he prepared the presentation, he was visited by Catherine, who apologized for everything she had done and helped him come up with a whole new idea. Except Catherine wasn't really there and he was just talking with a hallucination all the time. Then he got up on stage and presented garbage not only in the room but to the live stream, as Catherine watched from Gray Sloan.

Maggie managed to cancel the presentation and call an ambulance, suggesting he had a stroke, and Richard came to a gurney and wondered what was happening. Maggie said she didn't know, and looked at her new friend like I'm not going to Boston.

Richard's handshake has been troublesome for quite some time, especially linked to the fact that he told no one about it, and we must say that we just aren't ready to see Richard get sick. We don't joke when we say we had to pause the show and then skip ahead to that presentation. This is not the time!

That said, we need next week's episode stats.


Gray's anatomy airs Thursdays at 9 PM on ABC.

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