Logan Lerman reminisces about working with Heath Ledger in his first movie!


Logan Lerman took a stroll down memory lane last night (Feb. 13) The Tonight Show!


While sitting down for an interview, the 28-year-old actor went through some of the memories and gifts he has received from famous co-stars, such as the late Heath Ledger during its first cinematic experience, the 2000s patriot.

"Lord, it brings me back," Logan expressed as host Jimmy Fallon pulled up a picture of him and Heath on set. “It was my first movie, it was my first experience on film sets. Wow, it's crazy. "

“He was like eighteen at the time. I remember being so upset that I couldn't shoot a gun in the movie, you know, it's like this revolutionary war movie and everybody shoots muskets, ” Logan recalled. “I remember at the end of the filming that he gave me a gift, a package gift that was a gun. Like a weapon from the 18th century that he had filled with the armor department. I still have it, I keep it in my living room. I check it all the time. "

Logan also talked about working further My only with Renée Zellweger and described his Nazi-hunting Amazon series, Hunters – You can check out the first trailer for the show HERE!


Credit: Andrew Lipovsky; Photos: NBC Posted to: Logan Lerman


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