Kim Kardashian says she loves Tristan Thompson as a brother


It is nothing but love between Kim Kardashianand Tristan Thompson.

Yes, Kim and the basketball star have been swept lately, but the skims owner chooses to put his personal feelings aside for the sake of the sister Khloe Kardashian and nieces Real Thompson.


Kim proved her maturity in the 18th season premiere Continues with the Kardashians by meeting with her sister's former ex, who cheated on her Kylie Jenner& # 39; s ex BFF Jordyn Woods. Tristan met Kim, her friends Simon Huck, La La, Winnie Harlow and Jonathan Chebanto great dismay. "Tristan is the father of True," she explains to the table. "So no matter what, he's connected all his life, we can't change that."

And to many people's surprise on social media, their dinner went well. Kim tweeted during the finale, "I actually LOVE Tristan now as a brother FR! We got together and worked through our problems and love him."

Tristan himself has not tweeted, but Khloe told followers that he was watching the premiere with her, creating some difficult moments.

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"I love that Tristan is watching this premiere with me and he is now seeing what they say when he's not around lol AWKWARD!" she joked.

And despite Kim saying that dinner with Tristan was quiet and informal, Khloe asks differently. She tweeted that even though she wasn't there, she still felt "tense" just watching it all unfold!

Still, Khloe insists that she and the pro basketball player can look past the drama to focus on what's more important. She says it is "difficult" to do so, but that she finds the end result of co-parents "so rewarding."


"Let me just applaud all the healthy togetherness is out there," she said praises.

Fans can capture entire episodes of Continues with the Kardashians Online here!

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